About Us

Who Are We And Why Should You Trust Us?

We Are Stephen and Jennifer.


Welcome to all about us and why should you trust us? That is up to your judgement although we do hope that once you read this page, you will?

Our, or rather my story begins with my parents who are Hungarian. I lost my mother this year but my father is still very much alive and age 90. He left Hungary as a young man towards the end of World War 2 when the first Russian or Soviet tank appeared in Buda, the opposite side to Pest, which together make up the capital city of Budapest. He left to search for his mother who had gone overseas to find more money then was possible to be earned in war torn Hungary  She left to support her children because her husband had abandoned her for another woman without providing the funds for her to be able to manage despite having several jobs?

He was rounded up while travelling through Nazi Germany and put into a displaced persons camp with several other foreigners each with their own nationality. Because my father had learnt many languages including German, he became the leader of the Pictures 2014 061smallHungarian group. However, he wanted to find his mother. He met my mother, his wife while in Germany, and after the war they married. One year later I Stephen was born 3 months too soon and given 24 hours to live as they didn’t think someone so small could survive, especially as there was no incubator.

My father had helped two British airmen from Scotland who were escapees to flee the Nazi’s because he also spoke English, while the war was still on and the Nazi’s were clearly losing the war. He smuggled them out of the camp and to someone who would help them get back to the UK at great risk to himself. Had he been caught, he would have been shot by the Nazis. He helped these men, one who died but the other who made it back to the UK. That surviving airman found my father’s mother in London and wrote a letter, received by the now allied commander who was Canadian and given to my father telling him where she was.

So they set off for England with me still a baby age about 10 months when we arrived in the UK. At that time, all immigrants had to do 2 years of domestic service so my father and mother were sent to work 16 hours a day 6.5 days a week for a wealthy family in Surrey as servants, even though my father was a highly qualified micro-biologist.  He later found a job with the British Drug Houses but as a labourer because the English thought his Hungarian qualifications were inferior when in fact they were far superior to what was in place in England back then.

He retook and passed his much easier English courses with distinctions and finished his career as a manager and micro-biologist at Glaxo, now Glaxo Smith Kline and retired after over 30 years there with a good pension. He is now in a care home in Bognor Regis, and we go to see him as often as we are able because it is a long 2 hour journey by car and we spend a day with him before returning home.

So what about Stephen and Jennifer? We live in Watford, Hertfordshire and met nearly 7 years ago and are still DSCN0504smallera couple. Our extended family consists of her daughter Phillipa, her two little girls Yasemin age 5 and Ceylin age 4. I Stephen first started online marketing with the Chris Farrell membership and am now working at Wealthy Affiliate University. Jennifer and myself are retired now and my online business is providing additional money to my meagre pension so that we are able to take several trips overseas and around the UK together.  We refuse to be a slave to anyone else anymore.

We are creating more money by helping others to break free from the 9 to 5 work all day all your life for chump change scam, and consider a life of unlimited abundance in all things. To Live Their Lives On Their Own Terms as we are doing today. Thank you for reading and may your life also become as it was supposed to be instead of the one they told you it should be.

Fondest regards.


Stephen & Jennifer.