Introducing Zero Resistance Weight Release. The No Diet Weight Loss Program That Works. Why Most Diets Don’t?


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Stephen J Vincent.

Dear frustrated dieter,

Many more people today are struggling with their weight and despite the many diets tried, they never get the results that they desired. Let me inform you that it isn’t their fault. Let me explain.

My good friend Dr Robert Anthony whom I am working with has discovered that most diets work on the conscious Dr Robert Anthony 2desire to loose weight but the real problem is within the subconscious mind that is designed to resist change. It cannot rationalize because that is the function of the conscious mind. Unfortunately the subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind and therefore prevents the diet from working.

You see, we all have one brain but two minds. These two minds have different functions. The conscious mind always seeks to improve our lives to make us happier while the subconscious is resisting change because it see’s all change as potentially dangerous because it is programed to help us survive. Because it is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind, it always wins whenever there is a conflict between our two minds.

Dr Robert Anthony, picture on the right, a clinically qualified hypnotist and foremost expert on the relationship between the mind and body and how the human mind works, as well as author of several books that have sold millions worldwide, has created a product that he guarantees will overcome the failures of weight loss programs to enable peoplezrsq300x250 to reach their desired weight. He calls it Zero Resistance Weight Release. To watch a free video and learn more about this highly recommended breakthrough in over coming weight management difficulties, simply click on the link below or the banner on the right.

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